How to deal best with sections and tubes? With laser!

We process tubes and sections using Tubematic CNC laser machine.
This device with rotation-sliding chucking and vertically movable head
can cut in tubes and sections precision holes of any shape, and it can
shape the face of section according to any curve as well. This brings new,
surprisingly simple, and neat possibilities of how to make joints, angling,
hole creating, making small parts by cutting from section
and atypical movable parts.

  Corner lock Self-locking jointing of tubes   Weldless jointing

  TUBES-SECTION LASER - Technical Parameters - Trumpf Tubematic

    Part length up to: 6500 mm
    Circular section diameter: avg. 20 – 150 mm
    Square section: 20 x 20 – 120 x 120 mm
    Rectangular section: Min. swing over bed: 20 mm
Max. swing over bed: 150 mm
    Material thickness up to: 8 mm
    Material: steel, stainless steel, aluminium

Laser machining allows fast, precise and technically clean production
of machine parts, building construction, steel furniture, interior accessories,
sport tools, and many other products. Laser technology is in fact the only
effective method in the area of stainless steel material processing for
production of section parts and space construction.